Weekend in New York City '06


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Post Card from the Olympic (Great Grandma's ship) and other pictures from Ellis Island

On top of the Empire State Building

St Paul's Chappel and other pictures from Ground Zero

SR71 on the deck of the USS Intrepid. Other pictures, including the Concorde

In Front of Monty Python's Spam-a-lot. Other pictures from Midtown Manhattan

In front of the Natural History Museum. Other pictures from the museum and Central Park area.

The Merrill Lynch Bull on Broadway and Wall Streets. Other Wall Street Pictures





Trip Diary:

New York City (Thursday 6/8/06 - Sunday 6/11/06)

Thursday 6/8/06 - Travel
- United 684 OHare - NY (LGA), 2pm-5:23pm
- Taxi to Hotel
- DoubleTree Hotel, Times Square Room 4210
- Hard Rock Cafe
- Virgin Mega Store

Friday 6/9/06 - Lower Manhattan
- Subway
- Ground Zero
- Battery Park
- Liberty Island Ferry Service
- Ellis Island
- Trinity Church
- Wall Street - Charging Bull Statue
- Federal Hall w/Geo Washington
- St Pauls Chapel
- Subway (BackWoods Ladies Clothing)
- Rockefeller Center, 50th Street
- Sullivan Theater (Mom Purse) 54th
- Planet Hollywood, Times Square
- Empire State Building

Saturday 6/10/06 - Museums and Broadway
- Rudy's Music Store
- Jurlique Wellness Day Spa
- AT&T/SONY Building
- The Metropoliatan Museum of Art Store
- Subway to 86th st
- Guggenheim (Scaffold), Ben, Mike, and Luz
- Central Park
- Natural History Museum, Meteors and Minerals
- Strawberry Fields, Imagine, Dakota
- Olive Garden
- Spamalot

Sunday 6/11/06 - Intrepid and Travel Home
- Fox and Friends
- Today Show
- Europa Cafe, Times Square Company Web Page
- USS Intrepid Museum-- Concorde, Growler, SR71, F-16, F-4, F-14, AV-8B, A-6
- Taxi to Airport
- UA 685 3:00-4:35