Spring Break '06 in London


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Cathie and Kids at British Museum

Cathie and Kids Watching Outdoor Entertainment at Covent Garden

Jack and Kids on the Thames River with Parliment in the background. Other pictures from the Embankment.

Stradling the Prime Meridian. Other Pictures from Greenwich

Mike and Uncle Bill at Portobello Road

Liz, Cathie and Mike at the Lion King. Other pictures from The Strand area

At the Victoria and Albert Museum



Trip Diary:

London 3/23-3/29/06

Thurs 3/23/06 -- Travel
- Drop off Neko at Vet
- Drive and Park at Airport
- UA 928 OHare to Heathrow 6:07PM to 7:55AM

Fri 3/24/06 -- Settle in. Covant Garden. Lion King
Snack at Heathrow
- Paddington Express
- Taxi to Savoy Hotel
- Savoy Hotel Rm 437
- Pre-checkin walk around Covent Garden
- Silver and Stone Jewelry
- Neal's Yard
- Scarves
- White Lion, 24 James Street, Lunch
- Penhaligons Perfumes (41 Wellington St)
- London Camera Exchange -- 98 Strand St
- Lion King at Lyceum Theatre
- Stop at Grocery Store in Evening Tesco Express

Sat 3/25/06 - Uncle Bill, Portobello Road, V&A
- Met Uncle Bill at Hilton on Park Lane, near Hyde Park
- Underground: Notting Hill
- Starbucks breakfast
- Walking Tour-Portobello Road Antiques Market
- Dagger, Ear Rings, Road Signs
- Sharpeye-Mike Jacket
- Underground: South Kensington
- Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)
- Lunch and snack in cafe (Bunugo)
- replica of Bapistery and Tranjan's Column
- Underground: Piccadilly Circus
- Virgin Mega Store (NOT Tower Records)
- CDs, PC Game, Oblivion
- Rain!
- Underground: Charing Cross
- Covant Garden
- Dinner Outside: Fuel Bar. live music, rainy, teachers from Canada
- Cuffs - Mike Cuff Links

Sun 3/26/06 - St Pauls, British Museum, Shopping Regent St
- "Mum's Day" -- Cards Galore, 108 The Strand
- Underground: Black Friars
- St Pauls
- Short Mass
- Cafe in Basement - Milburns
- Underground: Tuttenham Court Road
- British Museum
- Lunch in Court Yard
- Rosetta Stone
- Elgin Marbles renamed Frieze of the Parthenon Marbles
- Underground: Oxford Circus
- Walked Regent St (map) (Oxford St/Regent St Jam Cam)
- Liberty, Hamleys, Carnaby Street
- Rain
- Picadilly Circus
- Underground: Covent Garden
- Violin Players in outdoor cafe
- Indian Shoppe: Silver and Stone
- On the Strand: Cashmere Choice. Mike's hat, my gloves (104 Strand)
- Dinner at Salieri Restaurant on The Strand 376 Strand

Mon 3/27/06 - Greenwich, Tea at the Savoy
- Breakfast at Pret a Manger on the Embankment
- Catamaran Cruisers (www.bateauxlondon.com) boat to Greenwich
- National Maritime Museum Lunch
- Royal Observatory, Greenwich - Prime Meridan, H1, H2, H3, H4
- Docklands Light Railroad: to Embankment
- Tea in the Savoy
- Quick Trip to Virgin Megastore
- Jack and Cathie drinks in the American Grill

Tues 3/28/06 - Imperial War Museum, Stephanie, The Producers
- Underground: Lambet North
- Imperial War Museum
- Met Stephanie
- Lunch in Cafe (Milburns)
- Underground Knightsbridge
- Harrods: Books, Easter Gifts
- Dinner: Manorom Too, Thai Restaurant near hotel (35 Southampton Street)
- The Producers at Theatre Royal Drury Lane (Catherine St)
- Last trip to Liz's Indian Jewelry Store, Silver Stone

Wed 3/29/06 -- Travel Home, Pick up Neko
- Taxi to Train Station
- Paddington Express
- Airport Gifts
- Liberty Mike shirt
- Dixon headphones
- World Duty Free treats
- UA949 Heathrow to OHare
- Pickup Neko from Vet