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Cathie in front of the Ski Shop, Cross-country skiiing at Arrowhead Golf Club 12/15/07
Mike's College Visits -- November 2007

Alma Matter Statue at University of Illinois 11/12/07

Red Gym at University of Wisconsin 11/16/07

Mike's Visit to Ohio State University 11/30/07

Temple at Kiyomizudera and other pictures from Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo Tower as seen from the Roppongi area. Other pictures from Shibuya and Akasaka areas of Tokyo.

Sultan Mosque and other sites from Singapore, Oct 2007

Liz's Graduation Pictures

Liz and Chris and other Prom pictures

Happy 25th Anniversary!!

The family in front of George Washington at Boston Commons and other pictures from our Spring Break trip to Boston

Cathie wins CIO Magazine Award -- other pictures from our Huntington Beach, CA visit

Bubble Room and other pictures from our family vacation in Captiva







Cathie with our Beloved Chocolate Kitty... other Chocie pictures