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Our Full Photo Gallery for 2009


Mike/Neko and Liz/Monster getting ready for Christmas 2009

Prints from Liz's Fall 2009 Collection

Gay Head Cliffs and other pictures from our visit to Martha's Vineyard, July 09

Bill, Laura, Olivia, and Grace with us at Disney. Boardwalk and lighthouse (background)

Cathie at Charleston Harbor. Other pictures from our brief walking tour of historic Charleston

Cathie at the Purdue Loeb Fountain. Other pictures from our Purdue weekend.

Mike's High School Graduation other pictures.

Mike Wins a Medal at Foerch Invitational. Other pictures from Senior Gymnastics.

Weekend at Disney. Other pictures.

Liz's 20th Birthday. Other pictures.

Mrs Cardinal in our backyard and other pictures from Jan-09

Liz, Mike, Neko and Monster -- other Xmas Eve Pictures